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Menu Departments > Burgers, Dogs, Delights

Burgers, Dogs, Delights
Condiments: Ketchup, Mustard, Pickle, Hot Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo. American, Swiss, Provolone, Mozzarella + $.25.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Carmine Burger $5.99 each
1/3 lb Charbroiled Angus Beef,served on a fresh baked homemade hard roll.

Bacon Cheeseburger $6.49 each
1/3 lb Charbroiled Burger with 3 strips of bacon & Cheese.

Garbage Burger $7.99 each
2 slices of American cheese, Shoe String French Fries, Macaroni Salad, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard & Onion.

Pizza Burger $6.49 each
1/3 lb. Carmine Burger with Mozzarella cheese & Spaghetti Sauce.

Chili Burger $6.49 each
1/3 lb Carmine Burger topped with Chili

Double Carmine Burger $8.49 each
2 1/3 lb Charbroiled Angus Beef Burgers ,served on a fresh baked homemade hard roll.

Hot Rod Special $9.99 each
Carmine burger w/ large fries and 20 oz. soda

Texas Hot Dog $4.99 each
Red or White.

Chili Dog $5.49 each

Chili-n-Cheese Dog $5.99 each

Chicken Breast Filet $6.99 each
6 oz. Breaded Breast Filet

Grilled Chicken Breast $6.99 each
6 oz Marinated Boneless Chicken Breast

Pulled Pork BBQ w/ Fries $7.99 each
Smoked Pork, hand pulled with our BBQ sauce & Fries

Chicken Parmesan $7.49 each
6 oz. breaded Chicken Breast with Mozzarella cheese & Spaghetti Sauce.

Chicken Club $7.49 each
6 oz Breaded Chicken Breast Filet with Bacon & Cheese

Chicken Fingers $9.49 each
4 pieces with French fries. Hot, mild, sweet & sour, or honey mustard.

Fish Filet $6.99 each
Fresh haddock Filet

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